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Title: Gateway availability on a CARP cluster
Post by: Joacbe on June 08, 2016, 02:54:30 pm

I have a two nodes CARP cluster, each node running OPNSense 16.1.16

The cluster works almost like a charm: the multiple VIPs created are not causing any issue, config is properly replicated from the master node to the backup node.

I however face a strange behaviour with the "WAN" gateway: whenever the two nodes are up, the gateway is only accessible (can be pinged and is seen online) from the master node. As soon as the master node is brought down, the backup node can access the gateway without any issue.

I do not have the same behaviour on other implementations of OPNsense CARP clusters: each and every node can see the gateway online and can access (ping) it any time.

Would any one know what could be causing this?