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Title: Correct way to create rule.
Post by: senyapsudah on May 29, 2016, 11:29:05 am
Hi Guys,

quick check. i hv setup the opnsense firewall as route based. where i have disable NATing. purely traffic will flow thru based on routing. i manage to create a rule to allow public to access my internal network. but i can't find the correct way to allow internal network to go out to internet.

for your info, my firewall curently have 2 interface where

WAN: public ip (
LAN: private ip ( -- > create a static route to internal switch - > user network.( with a switch being set a default route to

i manage to create rule to allow to ping and and i also add another rule saying that from LAN source: to any allow. still i'm not able to route access it. any idead or any correct guides?