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Title: WiFi - issue with second SSID on Compex wle200nx
Post by: strahlenopfer on May 13, 2016, 09:47:05 am

I'm running OPNsense 16.1.13-amd64 on an APU.2C4 board with WiFi card wle200nx.

I added two WiFi devices, ath0_wlan1 (Acces Point mode) and ath0_wlan2 (Acces Point mode), and I was able to assign the interfaces to two WiFis, ath0_wlan1 "internal" and ath0_wlan2 "guest".

Both SSIDs are broadcasted and seen by the clients, but the clients fail to connect to the second WiFi (ath0_wlan2). I deleted and added the WiFi confguration several times, but the clients are only able to connect to the WiFi that was configured first (ath0_wlan1).  I tried different settings (encryption, authentication etc.), but the problem persists.

Has anybody successfully configured two WiFIs with Compex wle200nx?