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Title: Using apinger to monitor VPN endpoints
Post by: epoch on April 30, 2016, 04:47:51 pm
I want to monitor how my openvpn (created outside OPNsense) tunnel fares.
For this I have defined the LAN IPs of both vpn server ends as gateways.
Generally speaking it looks like it's working. A reload on the web interface is needed to flip from "offline" to "online", but the rest of the information refreshes without reload.

However I don't understand what it reports. From the firewall I have a very stable ping at ~45ms to a remote tunnel endpoint. But the dashboard never shows an RTT value that resembles that.

I would like to ping my remote endpoints either every 30 secs or 60 secs, and local endpoints either every 10 secs or 30 secs.
What kind of parameter values should I enter in settings to get a reasonably accurate report?
Title: Re: Using apinger to monitor VPN endpoints
Post by: franco on May 10, 2016, 10:29:52 am
Hi there,

I'm currently reworking apinger for OPNsense. What you're describing was apinger's original purpose, but it was later incorporated into pfSense to be a gateway monitoring tool. Theoretically, we could still use it to monitor arbitrary targets, but that'll need enhancements in the GUI to accommodate both gateway monitoring and end point monitoring along with its differing setups.

It looks like you set up a gateway that is to be monitored, you can also change the poll settings from the gateway edit page in the advanced section. Documentation for apinger is sparse, I will have to write a manual page for the utility and the config format when I have the time.