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Title: Route everything through a proxy
Post by: Mattia_98 on April 11, 2016, 07:30:15 am
I was wondering if I could route all the traffic from the LAN interface through a proxy on the WAN interface.

Here is the scenario:
In every class in school there are 2-3 Ethernet ports attached to the school network. To access the internet we need to configure the proxy server and login with our credentials. What I was hoping is that if I install OPNsense on an old laptop (witch I already did) I could just create a hotspot and route everything through that proxy with a certain credential. This is when we need internet in class either through our personal laptops, tablets or cellphones. Yes, I could just attach a mini AP and let everyone configure the proxy but that wouldn't be fun, right?
First I want to get the above working and make a backup of the config so I can get back to it later if I wish.
Level 2:
We also have multiple WLANs at school for different purposes. In 4th class, we got permissions and access to connect to one of the WLANs to get to the internet. The twist: it's a Radius Network. So on my laptop, for instance, I have to get the certificate, install it, connect to the wifi with my school credentials and then also configure the proxy and login there as well. Here the same thing: I want to attach an USB wifi-dongle to route everything from the LAN Interface (the Hotspot) through the proxy at the WAN interface (that WiFi).

Any suggestions at where to start?
I got OPNsense up and running on an old laptop and did some tests at home.

Thank you!!  :-* :-*

Title: Re: Route everything through a proxy
Post by: Mattia_98 on April 13, 2016, 11:42:13 am

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