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Title: Getting to first base -- Allowing traffic in
Post by: bradley on March 03, 2016, 02:49:35 pm
Hey there Opnsense Community:

I'm a long time monowall user (currently on Soekris Net6501-70).   I've been waiting in the wings on OpnSense and finally decided to jump into the foray.

Now, I can make almost any config work in Monowall.  Easy as pie.    However, I tried for hours and hours and hours with a dowwload of 16.1 and could not even get basic firewall/routing working on OpnSense.   

My question:   Too early to use Opnsense in the real world?

Here's what I need and could not get working:

1.  IPV4 - ONLY  Firewall and routing -- Outgoing Traffic as well as INCOMING.   From my internet searches, I found out that pfSense installs with Incoming Traffic blocked.    Great, but no examples anywhere on how to get incoming traffic allowed.   Even checking the "disable firewall" checkbox did NOTHING.

Funny how I expected Opnsense to be a fork of Monowall, when it actually seems to be a fork of pfSense.   Whatever.   

Even in the logs, no entries about incoming being blocked.   There were even a few entries that showed outgoing blocked.  When I clicked on them, a message said they were blocked by the "Default Deny IPv4 LAN" rule.   Hmmm, no such rule exists on my system.   

2.  STATIC DHCP IPs from the DHCP Server.  For the life of me, I could not get this working, plus all the log files showed the DHCP server listening on the WAN port !    Huh?   

3.  DNS Forwarding with OpnSense as the local DNS server.   This seemed to work, names resolved, but again, could not see any responses.

That's what I need for starters, folks.      If I can't get those working, and in less than a half hour, this system is as good as the stuff on the bottom of my shoes.

Also, how about somebody, anybody making a Wiki page that shows a no-brain example of, at the very least a proven setup (with screenshots) of  #1 and #3.

For now, I'm back to monowall.   I might be there forever....who knows....