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Title: Traffic Shaper help
Post by: Aergan on November 23, 2015, 11:28:52 am
Could anyone help me out with some QoS style traffic rules using the new traffic shaper in OPNsense please?

My connection is 19.5Mbit Down and 3.5Mbit Up (PPPoE). I'd like to prioritise HTTPS traffic and lower traffic for port 1533. I'm not sure I'm applying the correct settings to do so and end up with a non-working traffic.
Title: Re: Traffic Shaper help
Post by: AdSchellevis on November 23, 2015, 07:55:34 pm
In theory you could create 2 pipes, one for your downlink at 19.5Mbps and one for your uplink at 3.5mbps. Next step is to create queues and bind them to the pipes for the different priority groups.
Last step is to  create rules to match your traffic, at the moment you probably can't choose the pppoe interface because it's not in the list.

If your machine is only routing using the wan interface with the provided maximum throughputs, you can add the rules to the LAN interface and choose all going to your lan network as down.