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Title: Development build
Post by: packet loss on November 18, 2015, 09:05:37 pm
I'm currently using the development build (opnsense-devel) which has a significantly changed menu design. Is this the route you are going with the menu are are you moving on to something different. Reading the git issue located at:


seems to suggest you maybe going a different direction then the development build menu. Was just curious since I've noticed minor cosmetic webui issues in the development build and wondering if I should even point them out.

If you guys get a chance take a look at the Advanced Tomato webui demo. The online demo is a bit buggy but does provide some menu ideas. It's using bootstrap as well. Can be found at:


Title: Re: Development build
Post by: franco on November 19, 2015, 12:28:57 am
Please point out anything you see, especially in the development version. It's easier to change there and try out things, and that makes for a better stable version in the long run.

I can see that Tomato has a lot less settings and pages, the menu is flat and that's good. The AdvancedTomato design is tech-oriented and flat, but lack's a little bit of spice. Like when you look e.g. here in the forum (this very page you're reading now) you have a clear focus on important information and strong framing. The OPNsense GUI needs more work in this regard, too, as well as less padding, fewer wrappings and a fast navigation. This won't be done with 16.1, in fact this will probably be a never-ending story. :)

So anyway, yes, please help out in improving the GUI.
Title: Re: Development build
Post by: packet loss on November 19, 2015, 01:20:57 am
Thanks for the response. I wasn't comparing the 2 by any means and was for idea purposes only. Although I use Tomato firmware on my wireless access point I'm not using the Advanced Tomato webui so I have no idea how well it actually functions.

My original post should have been a suggestion on what I would like to potentially see changed with the development build of the OPNsense webui. I noticed the similarity between the side menus. I would like to see the following:

- dashed line association that drops down with the sub menu items similar to Advanced Tomato
- hide notes and hints like the system_usermanager.php edit user page does

In conclusion... I would like to say once again well done with OPNsense. I intend to continue to use OPNsense for a long time and will help as much as can along the way. I'm guessing a donation to OPNsense wouldn't hurt.
Title: Re: Development build
Post by: franco on November 19, 2015, 07:30:44 pm
Hi azdps,

I'm only dumping my thoughts; I'm not trying to justify. Still a lot of room for improvement. :)

The lines would help with the structure and take pressure off the colouring scheme. This is something to delve into after 16.1. I like it.

The hide notes and hints is already in our new pages and the ones we've reworked. It simply takes time to bring this into the GUI as a consistent idea. We try to avoid the old *.php pages to try not to get hung up on a codebase that is going to fade out at some point.

We're intending to keep doing this, adding new features... 16.1 is looking pretty good already. We have an IPS that's almost ready for testing now. :)