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Title: RPZ support and ohter inspection features
Post by: Zjemm on November 10, 2015, 08:58:25 pm
Hi All,

I'm a big fan of the Bind RPZ functionality.
Will this feature be implemented in opnsense?

case is, i see dnsmasq is used as the DNS server in opnsense. And i'm not sure if dnsmasq could support RPZ zones.
if i look at threatstop.com, witch is a company providing RPZ data, PF/Pfsense is supported. so i guess it should not be hard to get it in opnsense?
Is there a way to use bind instead of dnsmasq in opnsense?

Will opnsense also be able to scan for virusses/malware? or is it possible to add AV software to be used?

LAst but not least, a modern firewall should be able to inspect SSL traffic. will opnsense be able to inspect ssl traffic?
that what you clould do more with layer7 firewalling

Please let me know