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Title: lost data in reporting/health module?
Post by: BISI Sysadmin on December 09, 2019, 09:09:01 pm
Sorry - I just realized I posted this to the 19.1 thread in error.  S/B the 19.7 thread, and I don't see a way to unpost or move it to the correct place...

A curious thing just happened at a client site that I don't think I've seen elsewhere.

The ISP dropped in and replaced their modem, and of course something didn't work afterward, so they cycled power on the OPNSense router to troubleshoot, by pulling the power cord (didn't fix the problem). 

Once they called me and we got the real problem solved (Windows Server DNS needed a restart), I wanted to review the health data, especially the Quality metric for the the upstream gateway.

I was dismayed to see that these are all the data I have  (screen shots below -- you can see when the router was brought back up).

This router has been running for months, and has been through at least two update cycles, with at least one reboot.  There are 5 other routers as part of the system, all deployed pretty close to the same time and configured the same.  They all have the normal complement of data (example at bottom).

So, is this by design?  Or have I missed something in my configuring?  Where to start troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance!

PS I don't seem to be able to get the .png screenshots to show up in the body.  They are attached, and all fit under the various max size limits.