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Title: Interface Improvements
Post by: iTypo on March 06, 2015, 12:04:09 pm

I am testing various hardware / software firewalls for use in our datacenter and i just installed OPNsense.

Installation was quick and easy, the GUI looks nice, but i think there is (alot) of room for improvement.
I noticed that the GUI isn't very structured, it's basically a giant menu with all sorts of functions listed below each other with not enough logic.

A few example's:
- The menu starts with System, and the first item is "Advanced", i woulden't start with that since it's only for advanced users. "General Setup" would make more sense.
- Even after having already run it, the "Setup Wizard" still appears in the menu, why not remove it?

- When adding a firewall rule, i get a giant form which could be better:
-- Hide all the tooltips behind a ? icon. Many of them are stating the obvious.
-- It has a checkbox Disabled, why the reverse logic here (Enable a checkbox to disable), and for example in the Interfaces menu you do use Enable interface as a checkbox.
-- ICMP type should only appear when the ICMP protocol is selected
-- When defining Source or Destination as an Alias, i expect a searchbox where i can find my aliases
-- Hide all the advanced features at the bottom, let people expand them when they need them

- Many functions could use some extra text explaining what it is.
- In the "Services" menu, many things could be grouped, for example the DHCP functions, and the DNS functions.
- The "Status" & "Diagnostics" menu items have so many options, and many only do one simple thing, i think condensing this to less menu items and using tabs would make sense.

These are just a few things i found in a few minutes on which OPNsense could improve alot.

It might also be usefull to show you around the interface of a Checkpoint firewall, it looks really nice and structured.

Let me know what you think, i'm a webdeveloper myself so maybe i could help out. (I noticed a theme possibility, but i dont know how far you can go with it  :) )
Title: Re: Interface Improvements
Post by: jstrebel01 on March 06, 2015, 03:01:44 pm
iTypo, i support your ideas. Show the parameters which are realy needed on the main page and all the less needed on a "advanced" makes the life easier for many userr. Especially home users. Showing further explanation when the mouse cursor is touching the parameter helps a lot. May be i am wrong but i believe jquery has such functions.

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