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Title: 19.7 incorrect status for IPV6 Interfaces?
Post by: peppersass on July 17, 2019, 07:11:31 pm
See attached screen capture. Prior to upgrading, this screen would have shown WAN_DHCP6 Online, PerfectPrivacy_DHCP6 Offline (I've never been able to get that to work in Opnsense or PFsense, which is another topic altogether.) Also, the PerfectPrivacy_DHCP6 Network Monitor would be down. But after upgrading it looks like Opnsense has mixed up which IPV6 interface is which. It shows PerfectPrivacy_DHCP6 Online, which isn't true, and WAN_DHCP6 Offline, which also isn't true. And it shows the WAN_DHCP6 Network monitor down and the PerfectPrivacy_DHCP6 monitor running.

When I check the WAN and VPN connections with ipleak.net, everything looks the same as it did before upgrading, so I think everything is working but the status reporting is confused.