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Title: Mailing lists (this time for real)
Post by: franco on March 04, 2015, 10:48:01 pm
Hi folks,

today we finished polishing and updating the mailing lists and would like to direct your attention to them. We've only had a handful of mails there, but quite a few subscribers. It's time to start rolling, so let me tell you just a little bit about their purpose.

The announce@ mailing list is all about the project news--mostly releases in an unintrusive way with very low volume:


The users@ mailing list is for everybody who does not like fast paced IRC discussions or who doesn't want to skim the forum too often--ask your questions there or help others out with their setups:


The devel@ mailing list is for sharing patches, bugs, code review or other technical things with everybody interested in project development--if you don't like GitHub but still enjoy implementation details this one is for you:


We'll try to push them to the mailing list archives of the interwebs as soon as we are confident that the setup has been completed. Enjoy and talk to you soon. :)