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Title: Bizarre "bug"
Post by: KantFreeze on May 13, 2019, 02:48:02 am
I have encountered a bizarre "bug" in opnsense. I put that in quotes because it makes no sense to me that the bug is in opnsense, but pulling opnsense out of the equation fixed the issue. I'm not complaining here, I'm just providing info in case this helps someone understand this issue in the future.

My ISP (a horrible little company called GCI) has data usage caps and throttled connections once they reach the cap. When you hit your cap, your first web page gets redirected to a nice opportunity to pay them more money. You can continue to use the internet but at very very slow speeds. Yesterday this happened. I checked and I was nowhere near the cap. I know--what could this possibly have to do with my router?

However, plugging the cable modem directly to my desktop fixed the issue. Using the router again cause the issue to come back. I tried this rebooting several times as it made no sense to me. And--most strangely--installing pfsense on the router fixed the issue as well. I cannot fathom why this would be. My ISP of course blames me.

I don't usually post about every little hiccup I have, but this was weird enough I thought I'd share.