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Title: Dual Wan and DNS
Post by: none on August 16, 2015, 07:48:50 pm

I got 15.7.8 nano running and I get this DNS problem:

I have two wan dhcp ISP's, and two machines are on wan2, all other machines are on wan1. So I have a rule on firewall to change the router (route-to) for an alias that holds my two machines.

The issue is, on these two machines I can't get dns to work. I tried to disable dns forwarder, use just dnsresolver, no deal. If I use, manually, the address, the machine is fine on surfing.

So I added a rule to pass dns traffic before the route-to one, so it is back to normal. Whats the issue to use wan2 to send dns packets ?

Is this supposed to be like this ?