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Title: XBOX Cpnsole and XBOX PC App connectivity
Post by: nholloman on February 06, 2019, 08:15:44 pm
Can someone help me get my xbox console and Xbox pc app to stop using strict NAT. I was using an apple router before this with static IP's for all my devices and port fowarding for each device. I have done all that same stuff in OPNSense and it still isn't working. I have read through google searches that you have to have UPNP enabled, and have also read that you should absolutely not have it enabled. I installed the os-upnp plugin and ticked the enable boxes and still nothing. I'm brand new to this software and built this new OPNSense Router on the recommendation of a friend.  My whole reason for doing this is because i really just want to use traffic shaper. I dont have any intention of ever managing an enterprise network. It is just my home network with a plex server and a few computers and an xbox. iphones, ipads etc. I have plex successfully setup and forwarded along with my usenet applications as well. This is the last piece of the puzzle at least for now. I would really appreciate any help that could be offered.