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Title: Alias Missing
Post by: rcrispo68 on November 22, 2018, 03:15:25 pm
I have don't see all alias in firewall alias
When I run  i see
Keep version OPNsense\TrafficShaper\TrafficShaper (1.0.2)
Keep version OPNsense\Proxy\Proxy (1.0.1)
Keep version OPNsense\IDS\IDS (1.0.1)
Keep version OPNsense\Diagnostics\Netflow (1.0.0)
Keep version OPNsense\Cron\Cron (1.0.1)
Keep version OPNsense\CaptivePortal\CaptivePortal (1.0.0)
Keep version OPNsense\Routes\Route (1.0.0)
Keep version OPNsense\CICAP\General (1.0.1)
Keep version OPNsense\CICAP\Antivirus (1.0.0)
Keep version OPNsense\ARPscanner\ARPscanner (1.0.0)
Keep version OPNsense\Backup\NextcloudSettings (1.0.0)
Keep version OPNsense\Wol\Wol (1.0.0)
*** OPNsense\Firewall\Alias Migration failed, check log for details
Keep version OPNsense\Monit\Monit (1.0.4)

and in system.log  I saw

Nov 22 14:52:34 fw-off-01 config[159]: [OPNsense\Firewall\Alias:aliases.alias.8fd781a
a-afa1-452d-b1a5-e6ed3bcf8f61.content] Entry "" is not a valid hostname or IP address
Nov 22 14:52:34 fw-off-01 config[159]: Model OPNsense\Firewall\Alias can't be saved,
skip ( Phalcon\Validation\Exception: [OPNsense\Firewall\Alias:aliases.alias.8fd781aa-
afa1-452d-b1a5-e6ed3bcf8f61.content] Entry "" is not a valid hostname or IP address.
 in /usr/local/opnsense/mvc/app/models/OPNsense/Base/BaseModel.php:538 Stack trace: #
0 /usr/local/opnsense/mvc/app/models/OPNsense/Base/BaseModel.php(645): OPNsense\Base\
BaseModel->serializeToConfig() #1 /usr/local/opnsense/mvc/script/run_migrations.php(5
6): OPNsense\Base\BaseModel->runMigrations() #2 {main} )
6231106e2] retrieve upgrade progress status

what can I do to restore/view the items?
Title: Re: Alias Missing
Post by: franco on November 22, 2018, 03:18:36 pm
Hi Ross,

You can fix this by editing /conf/config.xml -- there seems to be an alias that has no content?

Afterwards run:

# /usr/local/opnsense/mvc/script/run_migrations.php

Background: since 18.7.6 the alias API is in full effect requiring a clean migration of the old alias data, but here the old validation seemed to be less robust than the new one.