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Title: Firewall questions
Post by: Serius on November 06, 2018, 02:25:40 pm
I'm still trying to completely understand how the firewall configuration interface works. I thought that I had it already but happened something that I didn't expect. So if you're kind, I would like to ask two questions to better understand the base of it.

My network is composed of the three typical vlans plus wan interface. I'm using getty+stubby for tsl dns and content filtering through unbound. I've attached images of my defined basic rules for the trusted lan and the untrusted iot interfaces.

So my first question would be: Being at the TLAN interface, for example, the rules defined here are OUTPUT, or INPUT firewall rules (for the interface)? (And where they go?) I'm asking this because lately I've found myself writing more of output rules than input ones, that is the inverse I've done before.

The second question is: Taking into account the services I use, and looking at the image of the iot rules, the 3th rule should not be equal to the 4th+5th rules? If so, why I loose internet in the interface when I swap ones for the other? (like the image works)

Again, thanks.